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Liquid Biocide


Description & Use


  • Broad spectrum biocide effective in the control of bacteria, algae and fungi in open and closed cooling systems, humidification circuits and swimming pools.
  • Powerful wetting agent and penetrant - cleans systems as well as disinfecting them.
  • Useful as part of dual alternating biocide treatment programme due to cleaning effect.
  • Based upon a biocidal agent which is broadly accepted in hospitals and diaries.
  • Readily biodegradable when diluted.
  • Non-volatile - Thermally stable.
  • Easy to handle, economical to use.




  • Appearance                : Clear, pale yellow liquid.
  • Specific Gravity           : 0.98 - 1.06.
  • pH @ 25 oC                  : 5.1 - 7.6.
  • Flash Point                   : Non-flammable.

(All values approximate)


Dosage, Feeding & Control


Mercy Cide 2820 is normally fed to provide an optimum microbiological treatment against formation of algae, fungi, and bacteria in open evaporative cooling towers and closed cooling systems.


Mercy Cide 2820 contains components that will remain active in the presence of chlorine and other halogens.  This product should be used as a part of complete cooling water treatment programme to control corrosion, scale fouling and biological contamination.


Mercy Cide 2820 can be dosed manually and directly in the basin of the cooling towers where a good mixing and distribution is assured.  The dosage of the product will depend on the system volume.  The recommended dosage = 25 ppm.

Mercy Cide 2820 can be used as algaecide treatment in the swimming pools by adding a maintenance dosage = 5 ppm every 3-7 days




Mercy Cide 2820 is packaged in 25 kg and 200 kg plastic drums.


Safety & Handling


Mercy Cide 2820 is irritant to skin and eyes.  Thus; it should be handled carefully.

The wearing of gloves and goggles is recommended.