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Liquid Catalyst Boiler Oxygen Scavenger


Description & Use


  • Catalyzed highly concentrated sulphite solution for faster reaction.
  • Prevents corrosion in boilers and minimizes corrosion in condensate and feed lines.
  • Cost-effective concentrate.
  • Can be used in all boilers operating up to 16 bar.
  • Convenient liquid formulation suitable for automatic dosing.




  • Appearance                : Pale liquid.
  • Odor                            : Pungent, characteristic.
  • Specific Gravity           : 1.22-1.30.
  • Flash Point                   : Non-flammable.
  • pH                                : 5 - 6.2.
  • Freeze Point                 : 0oC (32oF).

 (All values approximate)


Dosage, Feeding & Control


Mercy Steam 6224 is normally fed continuously to the dearater or feed water storage tank and maybe fit directly to the feed line simultaneously with the scale inhibitor product.


Mercy Steam 6224 contains a blend of catalyzed sulphite and can be tested easily to get a reserve of 30 ppm sulphite.  A high feed temperature value will make the dosage rate of this product very low.


The removal of oxygen from boiler feedwater will reduce corrosion in all areas of the steam system, including feedlines, boilers and the condensate system.




Mercy Steam 6224 is packaged in 32 kg and 256 kg plastic drums.


Safety & Handling


Do not take internally.  If ingested, drink at least two glasses of water and get medical attention.  Contact with eyes causes severe irritation or burns.  If eyes are contacted, immediately flush with clear water for 15 minutes and get medical attention.  For skin contact, wash with soap and water.